Benefits of Membership


As you can see from the list below, our neighborhood association offers many more benefits to members than the typical association in a neighborhood without swim/tennis facilities. But the most important reason to join the association is to share in the cost of maintaining and improving our common areas. All of us drive by the front entrance. All of us want to live in a nice, safe, friendly, well-maintained neighborhood. We rely on your help each year to keep our common areas looking beautiful and well-maintained.

Front Entrance Planting2.JPG
  • Contribute to the maintenance of our subdivision's common areas, including mowing, planting and pruning at the front entrance and along West Huntington Road (including holiday decorations)

  • Help pay for important one-time projects such as replacing landscaping as needed at the front entrance

  • Send group emails to and receive emails from your neighbors about burglaries, vandalism, suspicious activities, lost dogs, stray dogs, services needed, services provided (such as baby sitting, yard maintenance, home repair, and pet sitting), items for sale, recommended home repair and lawn services, etc.

  • Gain access to the neighborhood Facebook group.

  • Receive announcements and safety alerts by email

  • Receive a printed copy of the Huntington Park Neighborhood Directory

  • Participate in neighborhood activities such as yard sales, fun runs, and socials

  • Grow your own vegetables in our community garden.

  • Get a flag placed in your yard on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day each year (after each holiday, the flags will be removed and stored)

  • View or print our directory of service companies recommended by members

  • Support an organization that will provide a larger voice for homeowners in local government when it comes to issues like development in the surrounding areas, city ordinances, street repairs, street lighting, etc.

  • Help create a very desirable neighborhood to live in, one where there are high property values and where people get involved and are proud of their community