Board Projects

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Do you have a suggestion for a future project? If so, please contact us using the email icon in the footer.


Maintenance of common areas
Neighborhood website
Database of residents
Neighborhood group email system
Facebook group
Annual neighborhood directory booklet
Neighborhood socials (spring fling, fall festival, annual business meeting and dinner)
Annual neighborhood yard sale
Annual neighborhood fun run
Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day flags placed in members’ yards
Welcome committee for new residents
Holiday decorations at front entrance and Little Free Libraries
Yard of the Month

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Planned 2019 Projects

Overhauled the 2010 website
First neighborhood Fun Run
Committee to propose bylaw changes
Added perennials to raised flower beds in front of the community garden

2018 Projects

Installed raised flower beds in front of the community garden
Planted a Rising Sun Redbud tree in front entrance median
Planted three hydrangeas and three dwarf crape myrtles at the front entrance
New community Facebook group
Member feedback survey
Service Company Directory updated

2017 Projects

Planted a Forest Pansy Redbud tree and shrubs in the front entrance median

2016 Projects

See "Ongoing" above

2015 Projects

Installed new sprinkler system for front entrance side islands
Added new flower beds at the front entrance

2014 Projects

Community garden
Further renovation of the front entrance island area that contains the flag
Continued pruning of the aging pear trees
Announcements sign repaired and repainted

2013 Projects

Two Little Free Libraries installed
New email group established for ads and solicitations
"No Soliciting" sign at the front entrance replaced
First Directory of Neighbor-Owned Businesses
Wildlife sanctuary certification project
Neighbor spotlight feature added to newsletter
Street corner of Brittany and Chesterfield cleared for visibility

2012 Projects

Research and survey regarding reestablishment of covenants in older section
Service Company Directory updated
New sod and shrubbery installed in the front entrance median
New holiday decorations purchased for the front entrance
Announcements sign repainted

2011 Projects

Shrubbery planted in front of AT&T boxes at entrance
Dying tree in front entrance median removed
Street corners cleared for better visibility
Website and database of residents improved
Bulletin board established for ads and solicitations
Bylaws revised
Bluebird houses sold as a fundraiser
Security systems information session held
Neighborhood Watch information session held
Walking Group initiated

2010 Projects

First Service Company Directory
Survey of project suggestions
Trees pruned along Huntington Road
New stop sign installed at entrance
Front entrance landscaping renovated
First neighborhood website
Database of residents revamped
Luminaries purchased for decorations during holiday season

2009 Projects

Group email system initiated
Announcements sign installed at the front entrance
Kudzu cleared from the vacant lot across from 311 Chesterfield
Dying tree removed at front entrance
New flag for entrance

None of these projects would have happened without the financial support of committed neighbors and without a host of dedicated association volunteers who gave up many hours of their free time to work on these projects. If you love Huntington Park and want it to remain a great place to live, please join the association and consider volunteering: