Yard of the Month Guidelines

If you would like to nominate a yard in the neighborhood for yard of the month, please contact us using the email icon in the footer.



The Yard of the Month Committee is dedicated to maintaining the property values, the quality of living and the appearance of our community. Our primary goal is to encourage attractive and well-maintained yards in the neighborhood.

Yard of the Month Contest

We look to celebrate those who do a superior job in maintaining and beautifying their yards.

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  • All community association members are eligible.

  • Awards are given for each month of the year, including winter months.

  • The winner will be provided with a decorative Yard of the Month sign, as well as a posting and photos on group email.

  • The upkeep of the yard can reflect the efforts of the residents themselves or that of a professional landscaper or groundskeeper.

  • At least 1 year must elapse between awards for the same yard.

  • Candidates may be judged on the appearance of either the front or back yards or both.

  • Yards will be selected from both the older and the newer sections of the neighborhood.

  • Key criteria include a well-maintained yard (lawn, natural areas, and landscaping), beautification, originality, and creativity. Original and creative touches on the front porch and back deck (hanging baskets, pots, etc.) may be considered. Appearance after dusk including accent and seasonal lighting may be considered.