Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that volunteering with the community association is one of the best ways to get to know your neighbors? The people you will get to know are some of the friendliest and most dedicated people you will ever meet. Are you looking for a way to reduce stress, learn new skills, find a sense of purpose, and give back to the community? Are you interested in helping to protect the value of your home investment? You have an opportunity to reap all of these benefits by taking advantage of the volunteer opportunities right here in your own neighborhood. Come help us “make a good neighborhood great”!

Our most critical need is for volunteers to serve on the community association board, which has one meeting each month. The board has four officers: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Besides the officers, there are three members-at-large. Each board member normally serves on one or more of the committees below.

Volunteering doesn’t have to involve a huge commitment of time. In the list of our committee responsibilities below there are many examples of simple ways you can help.

PLEASE NOTE: Some committee chair positions are filled for the current year.

Garden Volunteer.JPG

Front Entrance Committee

  • Serve as the liaison with the lawn service company, the irrigation service company, and the flower installation service company.

  • Monitor landscaping issues, irrigation issues, and electrical issues.

  • Post current announcements in the announcements sign at the front entrance.

  • Lower the flag to half-staff on appropriate days.

  • Maintain the flower pots in the Little Free Libraries area.

  • Decorate the front entrance and Little Free Libraries area for holidays.

Social Committee

  • Help plan and execute the spring and fall socials and the annual business meeting in December.

  • Help organize and execute the neighborhood Fun Run.

  • Help organize and execute the neighborhood-wide yard sale.

Membership Committee

  • Enter or update the neighborhood directory data (stored in an Excel spreadsheet) for residents who have joined or renewed their membership.

  • Use the spreadsheet data to create printed and electronic versions of the annual Huntington Park Neighborhood Directory.

Welcome Committee

  • Monitor the neighborhood to identify new residents.

  • Visit new residents. Provide them with an information packet and a printed directory.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Committee

  • Prepare food when a neighbor is ill or a family member has died.

  • Provide transportation to a doctor’s office, grocery store, or drug store when a neighbor is ill.

  • Take care of pets or household chores during an illness or when neighbors are away.

  • Help with a household task, such as moving heavy furniture.

  • Visit with a neighbor who is going through a difficult time emotionally.

Little Free Libraries Committee

  • Keep the libraries stocked with books.

  • Periodically replace books which have not been borrowed.

Community Garden Committee

  • Manage the annual rental of community garden plots to association members.

  • Keep the common areas inside of the fence and within the raised beds in front of the garden free of debris and weeds.

  • Water the plants in the raised beds in front of the garden during dry periods.

Flag Committee

  • Help place flags in the yards of association members for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

  • Help remove the yard flags after each holiday.

Safety Coordinator

  • Monitor safety and security issues (for example, neighborhood emergencies, criminal activity, animal control, soliciting, and speeding) and recommend solutions to the board.

  • Serve as a liaison with the police regarding neighborhood safety and security.

  • Notify members via group email about neighborhood emergencies, criminal activity, dangerous dogs, dangerous wild animals, and other safety and security issues as needed.

Website Administrator

  • Serve as the administrator of this Squarespace website. Squarespace is a user-friendly platform. Knowledge of coding is not required.

  • Maintain and update the website as needed.

  • Assist board members with updating the website via the Squarespace phone app.

Group Email Administrator

  • Serve as the administrator of the Electric Embers group email system. Electric Embers has a slight learning curve. But it is very easy to use.

  • Keep the list of member email addresses updated and troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Facebook Group Administrator

  • Serve as the administrator of the neighborhood Facebook group.

  • Update membership in the group as requested by members and remove individuals from the group who do not renew their membership.