Other Subdivision Information


Property Records (including aerial photos showing property lines)

You can view property records for any lot and find out approximately where the property lines and rights-of-way are located by checking the ACC tax maps here. Once you are on that website, click OK and Search Records. Enter the address. Click Map to view property lines. Put a check by Aerial Photo in the left panel. Zoom in as needed.

Year Each Home in Huntington Park Was Built

This PDF document shows the year when each home was built.

Voting Information

Polling Location: Cleveland Road Elementary School, 1700 Cleveland Road
Voting District: 6
Polling Precinct: 6A
District Combination: 234
Congressional District: 10
Senate District: 46
House District: 117
Commission District: 6
School Board District: 6

Leaf and Limb Pickup Guidelines

There is a 6-week rotation. The pickup week is posted on the announcement sign at the front entrance or you can check the Athens Clarke County website. We are in area C.

Please make sure that you follow the county guidelines for leaf and limb pickup:

  • Material may be placed curbside no more than TEN calendar days before the Monday of your collection week.

  • It is unlawful to place leaf and limb debris in the street for pickup.

  • Residents are allowed one load per rotation.

  • A load is defined as 25 paper lawn refuse bags OR a pile of limbs that measures 6 ft. long by 6 ft. high by 4.5 ft. deep OR a combination of both.

  • Limbs & branches can be no more than 4 inches in diameter (logs will not be picked up).

  • Debris will be collected that is placed within 15 feet of the curb.

  • Residents are required to use paper lawn refuse bags for all grass clippings, pine straw, small brush, and leaves. No plastic bags will be accepted. Paper lawn refuse bags are available in grocery stores, hardware stores, and in the Home and Garden section of other retail stores.