The residents of Huntington Park are friendly folks, who enjoy walking with family and friends on the quiet streets, where children can still spy on a squirrel, surprise a doe, and delight in the song of a robin. Though only a mile from the Atlanta Highway, Huntington Park is a world away from the bustle of city life. Our neighborhood is close to restaurants and shopping areas, yet it retains a distinctly rural feel with three horse farms in the neighborhood and acres of open land and wooded areas nearby. Located on the west side of Athens, it offers a relatively easy commute to Atlanta. It’s a great place to call home.

New residents often tell us that they are surprised at how much more active our community association is than associations in other neighborhoods where they have lived. Our motto is “Making a Good Neighborhood Great!” and we work hard to make that motto a reality. There are many benefits of membership, including well-maintained common areas, a printed neighborhood directory, periodic newsletters, social events throughout the year, a group email system, and the most comprehensive community association website in Athens.

You can learn more here about what the association has done to improve our neighborhood since 2009. None of these projects would have happened without the financial support of committed neighbors and without a host of dedicated volunteers who gave up many hours of their free time to work on these projects. If you love Huntington Park and want it to remain a great place to live, please join our association and consider volunteering. It’s an amazing way to make new friends, help others, and improve your own health and happiness!

Have you ever wondered what board members and other volunteers actually do for the neighborhood? Click the volunteering info button above to find out!

Our association consists of residents of Huntington Park who pay an annual maintenance fee, currently set at $50. Membership is voluntary. The maintenance fee is due in the first quarter of the year and can be paid online.

Our $50 maintenance fee is one of the lowest of any community association in Athens. You can make a donation to the Association at any time to help with the expenses of maintaining our common areas. Just click the button below.

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